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Образец доверенности:

BY THIS SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY _________________, a company duly organised and operating under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, with registration number HE __________ and whose registered office is situated at: ________________________________, Limassol, Cyprus, does make, constitute, appoint and empower,
Mr. _______________ (citizen of the Russian Federation, gender: _____, date of birth: ______; passport ____________ issued on __________ by ____________________________; subdivision code __________, registered at _____________________________________________________________):
• To manage the Company _______________ and act on behalf of the Company in the Russian Federation.
• To represent the Company before any appropriate authority of Federal or Local Government in the Russian Federation, and other third parties.
• To enter into any contracts on behalf of the Company connected with the performance of the activity by the Company except for:
- Transactions connected with purchase/disposal or possibility of disposal of real property.
- Transactions connected with receiving loans,
with the right to amend, terminate contracts, accept and transfer all executed under the transactions, sign delivery-acceptance certificates, transfer and accept real property and personal property, sign reconciliation certificates and other documents related to execution of contracts; sign financial or any other required documents (including tax invoices), connected with the contracts.
• To appoint employees of the Company _________________________, approve their transfer and dismissal, apply incentives or impose disciplinary penalties.
• To file on behalf of _______________________ notices to foreign company to be recognized as a tax resident of the Russian Federation (rejection of the status of a tax resident of the Russian Federation).
And the said Company hereby gives and grants onto the said Attorney its full power and authority to sign on behalf of the Company all necessary documents connected with operation of the Company, to open accounts in banks for the Company, to manage cash funds on the accounts mentioned, sign financial documents, file applications, petitions, requests and other documents, receive replies and documents, manage correspondence, sign documents and perform other actions on behalf of the Company.
Authorities given by this Special Power of Attorney may be transferred by way of substitution.

For and on behalf of


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